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Benedict believes in improving individuals' health, wellness, and quality of life by empowering them through fitness. 

Since his schooling days, he has played competitively in various sports and continues to partake in them enthusiastically. His exchanges with different fitness & health enthusiasts has allowed him to garner much experience in different areas of training. 

He is adept in helping clients achieve diverse body transformation needs and goals; ranging from sports-related & performance training, strength & conditioning, and rehabilitation.

A healthy balance between focusing on physique and strengthening mental health is part of his concoction for a full-body transformation.



Zac believes that every individual’s fitness journey is different. Always putting his clients’ well-being first, Zac specialises in sustainable body transformations.

Having played competitive sports for more than 10 years, he recognises the importance of functional fitness. ​By combining a unique blend of fun, motivation, and science-based knowledge towards training and nutrition, he has helped many clients break new boundaries and transform their lives, both in and out of the gym. 

Zac specialises in hypertrophy progressive overload training, functional movement, teaching individuals to make better food choices, and sharing nutrition education.

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Angela first found her passion in fitness through first-hand experience with eating disorders. Empowered through fitness, she understood that fitness is an outlet to feel confident with one's own body.

Angela connects deeply with clients on a personal level, on top of keeping them engaged during their training sessions. As such, she thrives on building relationships and maintaining positive vibes and a high level of mutual trust with her clients. 

Coupled with a rich experience in group class training, Angela loves to keep her workout programs fun, motivating, yet challenging for her clients. "Expect the unexpected!' she would say, and every session is bound to motivate you to push your limits throughout your transformation journey.

Angela specialises in (destroying clients with) high endurance training and fun metabolic conditioning workouts that bring your heart rates up, leading to overall effective fat loss.



Clarance is a strong believer of empathy. Every individual have their own unique sets of problems and battles to conquer.
As a trainer, he sees the importance of placing himself in the shoes of others to better understand their pain points and in turn, be better equipped to develop solutions to help them achieve their goals. 

Since his younger days, he has always been an athletic individual, participating in various sports competitions. These experiences have taught him that exercise can be fulfilling and fun.

Clarance's training style revolves around perfecting the form and execution of the exercises, ensuring his clients benefits fully from their training sessions.

The road to attaining one's fitness goals may be tough but he hopes in the face of adversities, he can be the motivator that helps his client find their inner strength to overcome it and make the journey enjoyable.

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As an active sportsman in his youth, his love for an active lifestyle gradually evolved to free weights and strength training as he found that doing so improved his performance.
Physical performance aside, he became more confident and developed a stronger mental fortitude. Equipped with a nursing diploma, he has experienced the joys of helping others, be it physically or emotionally.Hence, with a strong belief in the benefits of strength training and the satisfaction he gets from knowing he helped improved someone's life, being a personal trainer was the obvious choice. Jermyn's training style focuses greatly on executing the perfect form and progressive overload to continuously challenge the body to ensure maximum gains!
His mantra is to give your 100% in everything you do no matter the circumstance as your reputation is tied to your attitude. He wishes to influence his clients to adopt the same attitude.Jermyn specialises in high-volume training to create muscle hypertrophy, which aids in building muscle mass.



Having been overweight for more than half his life, Kevin knows what it's like to go through dieting and the ups and downs of it. Kevin found his love for training when he made up his mind to not be in the obese batch for army. Going through countless hours of cardio, weight training and dieting is not fun, and he would not recommend anyone go through the same thing he did.


Kevin also had a short stint as a therapy assistant at a local hospital, which equipped him with the knowledge of basic rehabilitation skills as well as the mentality of helping people, both physically and mentally. 


Kevin’s training style consists of form execution as well as concise programming. Be it for losing weight or gaining strength, there is no one-size-fits-all program for everyone. They may look similar on paper, but everyone develops differently and at a different pace. Apart from training hard at the gym, Kevin also emphasizes heavily on his clients' diets, as that impacts their progress much more.“If you want to lose it or gain it, you have to be consistent with both training and eating.”

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