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Introducing RFPRO

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Flexibility ain’t Mobility.

More often than not, people confuse flexibility with mobility.

Mobility refers to the strength of the muscle in a range of motion.

It is essential in our daily lives and prepares our bodies for the different stresses activated by different movements. Hence, it is a vital function as it helps reduce the risk of injuries as well as improve techniques and range of movement.

Mind over Body.

Off goes the physical aspect with which many of us are equipped; let's look at the area most of us are guilty of neglecting: The Mind.

Mindfulness is something that is frequently emphasised but neglected. Many of us would still prefer the weight room over the classroom.

Having the presence of mind will bring about the awareness of understanding your movement and your body. This allows you to be more effective and efficient in your training.

At #RFPRO, our focus is to develop and improve the mind-over-body connection together with strengthening mobility, core strength and, last but not least, overall body strength.

This exercise program has been carefully designed in a progressive manner to build up and challenge oneself mentally and physically.

The training starts and ends with YOU! There will be no equipment, just YOU and YOURSELF!

The journey is a bittersweet one. You are going to feel sore after every round but stronger at the end of the day!

Look forward Peeps! 💪🏼

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