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Some of our transformations...

And many more we are so proud of 


This is the perfect place to start, maintain or take your fitness and health journey to the next level.


Rising Training is run by passionate, motivating and professional coaches that will customize workouts, provide nutritional advice and encourage healthy lifestyle habits to help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.

The sessions are personalized and 100% dedicated to each individual within a super clean, bright, open and modern -yet inviting- space.

I've never felt more comfortable and supported in any other gym and this has been all thanks to Zac and team, who always make sure we get the most out of our experience trainig at RF. I can't recommend this place enough!


I have been training at Rising Fitness for about 7 months and I’ve personally trained with Angela.


She has been a professional and wonderful trainer! She always pushes me and help me achieve my fitness goals as well as set enjoyable and fun exercises.


I would say I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results and services Rising Fitness has to offer.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Rising Fitness, particularly with Ben :)


I have always been into fitness and working out, but never realised the value of nutrition. Coaching with Ben made me realise how important nutrition is and the fact that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to fitness. In just 4 months, I'm happy to share that I have a much better understanding of my body, how it responds to different food types as well as exercises. I feel alot leaner and stronger, can do full body push ups (not just the female version) and am now at a stage where I can design my own training programme.


Thank you Ben and the Rising Fitness family for coaching me as a friend and looking out for me at every stage of this journey.

If you are looking to take on a new fitness journey, I would highly recommend reaching out to Ben & team :) You can also count on them to make it a fun one!


I have been Training at Rising Fitness for about four months and I have personally trained with Ariel.


I am very happy for my improvement and I would like to thank to Ariel for bringing me to the next level, keeping me interested and motivated. I love the improvement in my body.


Her Tips on nutrition helped me a lot.

Thank you for being a trainer and a friend ! 😊


The PTs at Rising Fitness are absolutely awesome!


Jermyn has been my trainer for 4 months and his impact on my overall health, fitness and strength has been very positive.


The detailed focus on building confidence and strength in each session as well as consistent guidance on diet and lifestyle changes has helped transform my body.


The studio features excellent equipment and a safe and fun workout environment is maintained; the motivation and enthusiasm demonstrated by the trainers is first-class and worth every dollar spent.


I am hesitant to make a recommendation on Rising Fitness because I would be giving away this great secret. ;) However, it would be selfish not to. Have been training at this boutique gym for the last five years under Zac and I have only good things to say about him and his team.

Despite being a bunch of young trainers, they uphold great professionalism, guiding and tailoring our fitness plans with care. Zac, in particular, is patient, encouraging and a walking encyclopedia on health and fitness. Not only does he put up with my endless questions about my diet, but he also takes a genuine interest in all his clients' well-being to ensure we achieve both physical and mental health.

Besides him, the fun-loving team tries its best to provide a jovial and safe environment for all to train in, a trait which is of utmost importance when choosing a gym. Regardless of age, colour and gender, everyone is welcome to have a fun time. Some of their recent attempts to do so include an 80s-theme workout session, a burpees challenge and a 12-week transformation challenge. The last item is particularly useful as it helps all to have a goal to work towards, with the trainers painstakingly working with us to achieve our aim. I actually see visible pecs on myself for the first time in 40 years.


Thus, if you are looking for a gym with friendly trainers and see results, you should try their trial lesson. No regrets on my part.


I really enjoyed training at Rising Fitness during my time in Singapore, the whole team were great and made me feel very welcome.


I went to the team with the goal of improving my overall health and learning more about training.


Benedict was able to support my goals and give me friendly encouragement when I’d had maybe one too many Singapore Slings at the weekend. 🙂


I’ll be taking what I’ve learned back to Germany and will keep in touch with Benedict too.


If you’re looking for a friendly place to train and improve your health, I’d recommend the Rising Fitness team.


Zac is a very knowledgeable and committed trainer who looks after multiple aspects of your fitness journey.


His advice goes beyond the one hour you spend training with him each time. He will actively look out for your diet, the regular workouts you can fit into your schedule when you do not have time to hit the gym, how to workout for your various fitness goals etc.

Given his back injury in the past, he is also very well versed in rehabilitative exercises, not just your run of the mill, “shouts at you” type of trainer.


Even through this Covid period when we cannot hold training sessions with him, he still regularly shares with us a variety of home based exercises and healthy recipes. His clients definitely get their money’s worth!


Been joining Rising Fitness for 3 months. Jermyn has been helping me to push my limit to build muscles.


His passion and professional training keeps motivating me. I was planning just try for one month but then working out just became part of my life. 👍


Have been training with Jermyn for the last few months and he is a very dedicated and professional trainer.

He motivates me to push myself at every session, customising fun workouts and sets fitness/nutrition goals which are sustainable longer-term.


The gym and the equipment are clean and very well maintained and the environment is great for training.

RF - IG TEMPLATE (1).jpg

Been training under the care of Jermyn at Rising Fitness for 16 weeks and we could not ask for a better trainer!


He is professional, patient and definitely is passionate about what he does.


Every session is always adrenalin pumping 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


I have been with Rising for 6 months and is very effective.


My trainer, Caroline, is extremely professional and helpful in getting me in shape. She knows what is the right exercise, frequency and intensity of gymming and also the right diet for me to achieve my goal of reducing weight. She even designed home programmes for me to work out during non-gymming days.


Again, really good experience for me and highly recommend!


I strongly disliked the idea of working out at a gym until I joined Rising.


Angela took me under her wing and in 3 months, she’s inspired and supported me to meet my goals, follow a healthy nutrition plan and most importantly to have fun and enjoy my time at the gym!


She also provides support offline, checking in regularly and suggesting home workouts. I now consider myself educated, energised and empowered 😉




I have been with Rising Personal Training for more than 12 months now and I just wanna say thank you to the team (especially Ben) for their professionalism in my transformation journey. The advices and supports they have provided me have been super helpful and effective. Thanks again team for being there for me and pushing me to always do better!

Sin Sing.png

I want to give a shout out to Caroline for the PT she conducts with me, the daily diet check-in and encouragement she gives. I feel fitter and more confident with various exercises and weights. I know with commitment I will reach my goal of a stronger me. Thanks Caroline!!


I have worked with Angela for over a year now - and I'm still going back for more. Angela understands my needs and fitness goals and crafts workouts that have helped me tighten up and get super strong ready for my wedding. No two workouts are the same, and I leave feeling (exhausted....) and energised - she is always positive and pushes me to work harder, but also recognises where to modify exercises to get the best out of me. I love going to Rising and Angela - it's a great vibe where everyone checks in and wants you do achieve your fitness goals!


Zac is the best personal trainer (turned friend) I could have ask for! I've been working with him at Rising Personal Training since 2019 (with other gyms in between due to travel) and the care, attention and dedication Zac has towards my goals, health and safety is really really hard to find elsewhere. He's always fully present and 100% engaged during sessions - keeping a keen eye on my form, suggesting tactics and tips to improve, and encouraging me to progressively challenge myself. Outside the sessions - he helps create personalized at home routines based on equipment, advises me on nutrition and suggests healthier food intake choices, and is always there if I have questions or reschedule requests.

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